xits me robek

this is my extra-website. (これは私の犬の公園です)

about me

my name is robek (rw) and i used to make things on the internet. i work at
bitcoin, was an ad guy, and conceptually like the idea of decentralized things. .. in practice i can't stand some of the posturing. i like free culture licenses and free software but won't always use them because we live in a society. make a stand when i can. you gotta pick your battles and claw your way up to the sky city. one day i will
make it to the sky city and a few of you I'll bring along with me.

likes: anyone who wants to chat, asking questions, future things, minis
dislikes: backstabbers, ignorance, bitcoin maximalists, and commies
it's complicated: magic the gathering

you can find me in a few places:

and some other places I guess but they always get shut down so what's the
point lol


fan art

by not hurley

some websites i like
papercraft and origami


some recent posts

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